Why order a tailor-made suit?

In short: because it is elegant more comfortable and absolutely worth it!

In more detail: because you are not a confection size – no one is. Tailor-made clothes offer a massive difference in quality, not in price.

What’s wrong with ready-made suits?

There is no perfect body structure – none of us is entirely symmetric, and our body parts are not the same. All of these cannot be taken into account when designing a ready-made suit. The goal is to make it an acceptable fit for as many people as possible, which is logical.

But in foreign countries, these ready-made pieces could be customised often in the shop with a local tailor. In Hungary, this is equivalent to sewing the length of the trousers – but this is just the smallest task. That’s not customisation at all.

Furthermore, there is often a shortage of sizes, and the knowledge of clothing sellers usually does not meet the desired level: they lack basic knowledge and are simply not helpful.

Due to the lack of sizes, they sell customers the wrong size, resulting in many men feeling uncomfortable in their suit. The majority of Hungarian men are simply wearing the wrong size, usually at least one or two sizes bigger.

What makes tailor-made suits different??

They are not only elegant but also comfortable – easy to move in. Simply a different league. Besides, you can find the most appropriate version from an infinite number of options, not from a very narrow range the local store offers. You can customise the perfect fit: the fabric, the style and the cut. You don’t have to settle for less.

Also, you have the advice of a trained tailor will offering you the fit that is beneficial and not what is in stock.

What makes it more elegant?

While the ready-made pieces highlight our defects, the tailor-made suit covers those. They provide a distinct look no other clothing can since they fit your shape perfectly. Due to the exact size, the suit does not stretch and wrinkles less offering a steady look.

Individual wishes can be taken into account, with individual solutions and tiny tricks, that can give the owner an impeccable look. In a perfectly-sized suit, you will look much slimmer and surely can deny a few pounds if needed.

Why is it more convenient?

Because it is tailored to your body, every detail is cut to fit your body according to your needs and expectations. The shoulder, the armpit of the trousers and the length of the pants are all made exclusively for your shape, so wearing a suit of the exact size of the owner is always comfortable, yet uncomfortable to anyone else.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

On average tailor-made suits are not more expensive than ready-made ones you find in shops. Indeed! If we compare a ready-made piece created of a fabric of the same quality, with similar technology we find that those are often more expensive. How is that possible? There is a straightforward reason for this: when buying a tailor-made suit you only pay for two things: the fabric and the work of the tailor.

Conversely, in the case of an in-store suit, the cost of transportation and storage (sometimes from another continent), the wholesaler’s margin, the rent of the shop, the seller’s salary, and many other costs need to be included. Add all these, and the price for a ready-made suit exceeds a tailor-made one.

That’s why you can get a higher quality product at a lower price!

Are there further benefits?

There are several other advantages like being modifiable, more durable, repairable, more extended warranty, etc.