Benjámin Gangel


My tailor shops founded in 1999. We have a shop in Budapest and in Pécs, where we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs with quality service.

Study years

I was born in 1978, and I decided early on to be a tailor. I spent my study years with Imre Pálfi, and for three years I was lucky to work at the National Theater of Pécs, where I could work with Ferenc Gyurász (the perpetual member of PES). He was a master of his own who spent more than 40 years in costume making, so I had the opportunity to learn from him first-hand and master all the little forts of tailoring unique and historical clothes. Today, I am grateful for this ever less to ordinary skill, and I have been happy to make unique garments ever since. In our tailgate, we make elegant quality men’s suits, jackets and shirts.

Tailor Shop

Practically, we create any piece of men’s clothing, but we are mostly specialised in made-to-measure suits.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege to make clothing for many clients. Some of them were kind enough to describe their experience which you can find in my References.

“Next-generation training”

Perhaps this sports terminology sounds strange, but I consider it a critical mission to provide training for those who want to learn the tailor’s skills.

Today, there are less and fewer men (and women) tailors, while the foundation of men’s wardrobe is still a good tailor. Luckily, the growing headcount of my tailor shops shows that there is a need from both our customers and our employees to carry on the tradition of tailoring.

Tailor Shop

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48  Makay str. Pécs, H-7634

Open Hours

Mon–Fri: 08:00 – 16:00
Sat–Sun: Closed
Pre-registration recommended!


36 Ráth Gy. str., Budapest, H-1122

Open hours
Pre-registration required!