What do you need for a man’s wardrobe?

How to assemble your wardrobe in such a way that it is of useful and necessary pieces? What clothes does a modern man’s wardrobe include?

So what kind of clothes do men of high standard need, who want to look good and dress in different ways based on occasion and weather? The good news is that you don’t need an infinite amount of clothing. We can dress up in a range of 20 dresses elegantly and with lots of variations, even for a decade.

There’s no need for a lot of clothes, but we need to pick the pieces consciously!

Each elegant wardrobe starts with a basic suit, typically navy or grey. We recommend blue. However, it should not be black, since it’s only appropriate for funerals.

In addition to our basic suit, we can choose a complementary dress that is greyish with blue and vice versa.

It is also necessary to have a few sports jackets, 2-3 pieces of different thickness for less formal events; so we might pick a sheer material for hot weather, a thicker warmer cloth for winter. These could be somewhat patterned, typically checked, which never goes out of style.

Sports jackets also require trousers, approximately 2-4 pieces. It is advisable to select them so that they match with the sports jackets. The collection may be light shades of beige (beige, off-white, pale grey) or slightly brighter in shades of blue or brown, but the more courageous might look out for burgundy, yellow, green colours as well.

At last, appropriately sized shirts are needed. We can add more variety to our look with a tailor-made shirt.

With shirts, we need a slightly wider range, to sport a different look at official events and everyday life. Be sure to have some light blue pieces next to the basic two white shirts; you can wear these with a suit or sports jackets. All in all, with ten shirts you can have a spot-on look every day over the long run.

There is only one piece left from the elegant man’s wardrobe: a tailor-made tuxedo that is quintessential for the “black-tie” events.

If all the pieces of our wardrobe are tailor-made, then we can be sure to make an exceptionally well-dressed impression that is not available with garment clothing.