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Bespoke clothing for men.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and unique look, you are in the right place. Our goal is to help you create an elegant and comfortable wardrobe, offering both versatility and fun wearing day after day.



Bespoke suit is the foundation of the elegant man’s wardrobe.


Bespoke shirt reveals a great deal of style and sophistication from afar.


Bespoke coats are for those who want to remain elegant in cold weather.

Special occasion

Flawless, elegant and comfortable look even on special occasions.


The tailor-made suit is the foundation of the elegant man’s wardrobe. It offers an almost infinite variety of options, such as the material, fabric, fit. The wide range of possibilities enables each man to find the best fit for his taste.

It’s important to understand the differences between suit types and styles. There are suits designed for everyday use and others tailored for special occasions. We at Gangel Tailor Shop offer both concerning your expectations.


It’s advised to compliment your made-to-measure suit with a tailor-made suit for the perfect impression. A custom-made shirt might sound a bit extreme at first, but a poorly sized shirt may completely ruin your looks.

It is very rare for a ready-to-wear shirt to be a perfect fit both on the neck, shoulders, chest, arm-length, armpit and arm width. Even more, there is no way to try it in most places.

The custom-sized shirt, on the other hand, stands perfectly. It doesn’t rub the neck, and it’s comfortable and exquisite. The custom-made shirt is also more durable as it fits precisely.

Special occasions

Certain events require appropriate clothing. Usually, the invitation includes the expected dress code. Nowadays, it is less common, but previously a men’s wardrobe included a tuxedo and tailcoat, and in some places evening coat.

The tailoring of these non-casual pieces requires particular expertise with the necessary knowledge and practice which very few tailors own.

During our long-lasting cooperation with the National Theater of Pécs, we have been lucky to gain experience in practically all kinds of formal wear having made numerous classic and unique pieces for theatre plays, weddings and balls.


The overlay coat is a vital element of the man’s wardrobe. No matter how perfect a man’s suit, shirt, shoe, if he wears a bad coat, that can ruin his appearance. When making a coat, it is important to consider what kind of clothing the client will wear under the jacket.

While a man’s wardrobe typically includes more than one suit, your looks might be perfect with a single well-designed coat. That is why it is essential to tailor the coat for the client’s exact size and durability requirements. The jacket, like the suits, could be made with different technology, and there are several lining options to pick from.


We are pleased to design clothing to our customers. Why is this beneficial? While we tailor clothing day after day for various customers, we keep track of the changes in men’s fashion and gain new information, knowledge and experience every day, and our customers often come far from the fashion world and have less information. As a result, we know how to help them find the perfect fit that not only makes them look better but also provides comfortable wear.

Therefore, it is our job to help our customers develop the appearance that reflects their individuality, feel comfortable and elegant.


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48  Makay str. Pécs, H-7634

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36 Ráth Gy. str., Budapest, H-1122

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