It’s advised to compliment your made-to-measure suit with a tailor-made suit for the perfect impression. A custom-made shirt might sound a bit extreme at first, but a poorly sized shirt may completely ruin your looks.

It is very rare for a ready-to-wear shirt to be a perfect fit both on the neck, shoulders, chest, arm-length, armpit and arm width. Even more, there is no way to try it in most places.

The custom-sized shirt, on the other hand, stands perfectly. It doesn’t rub the neck, and it’s comfortable and exquisite. The custom-made shirt is also more durable as it fits precisely.

The devil is in the details

The quality of your shirt tells a lot about you. Few garments have such a dramatic effect on our appearance.

Custom-made shirts in addition to providing a unique comfort, are extremely elegant. Proper length, not hanging out of trousers, and fits perfectly.

Of course, when tailor-made every detail could be personalised: material, collar, cuff or little extras like a monogram. At our Tailor Shops, we offer hundreds of fabrics both for summer and winter season, in many colours.

If nothing else a versatile white custom-made shirt could is a must.