Our Partners

The man’s garment cannot be complete without proper accessories. That especially stands for two essential products: the shoe and the belt. Even the most beautiful suit looks bad if we forget to pay attention to these supplements.

So we have carefully picked a few partners, who share the same dedication, commitment and professional knowledge. That’s why we are happy to recommend any of them!

Fabula Bespoke Shoes

Hand-made Fabula Shoes

The Master, László Fabula lets his Clients determine the look of the shoes and creates them according to their ideas; therefore the shoe is a truly unique piece not only in terms of size, but also in terms of appearance.

The fact that Fabula bespoke shoes come with a lifetime warranty speaks for itself. It faithfully reflects the confidence László Fabula has in the quality of his shoes.

Adam Gajdos

Art & Design

Special and unique hand-made belts that are guaranteed to grasp the eye.


48  Makay str. Pécs, H-7634

Open Hours

Mon–Fri: 08:00 – 16:00
Sat–Sun: Closed
Pre-registration recommended!


36 Ráth Gy. str., Budapest, H-1122

Open hours
Pre-registration required!