Suit tailoring

The tailor-made suit is the foundation of the elegant man’s wardrobe. It offers an almost infinite variety of options, such as the material, fabric, fit. The wide range of possibilities enables each man to find the best fit for his taste.

It’s important to understand the differences between suit types and styles. There are suits designed for everyday use and others tailored for special occasions. We at Gangel Tailor Shops offer both concerning your expectations.

Suit types

There are three different technologies, where the difference is how the suit is canvased. Canvassing technology determines the style and character of the suit.

Semi-canvased technology

It’s usually a light-weight “Italian”, more relaxed and modern style that looks great especially on slender men. Precise sizing is key.

For semi-canvased suits, the canvas is only used in the front and the upper part (until the chest) of the jacket. Most ready-made suits have this internal structure.

  • Relaxed fit
  • Canvas only up to the chest
  • Some parts are made by gluing

Fully-canvassed technology

The fully-canvassed version is a more structured, so-called traditional costume making technology that offers a better fit for those with a less fortunate physique.

A thin layer of canvas is pressed onto the front of the jacket with high pressure and at high temperature and then glued.

Each material composition requires a different type of canvas, but thanks to our many years of experience, we have found the ideal canvas for each fabric type. Therefore the jacket will not get blistered after cleaning, so it can serve you for long years.

  • More defined fit
  • Fully-canvassed front with 3 layers
  • Some parts are glued

Hand-crafted technology

The hand-crafted technology is the tip of the tailor’s craft, where the tailor-master creates the canvas with meticulous manual work. Separately, each layer is sewn into a classic English-style suit.

Thus, the materials keep their advantageous properties; the individual layers can move separately to ensure the fabric falls beautifully. This technique requires sophisticated and specialised skills; in return, the suits can serve their owners for decades.

  • Classic, English style
  • Full canvas
  • Hand Stitching
  • Includes all available extras

Who are our suits for?

The first suit or the twentieth? No matter, we are happy to help you!

Our tailor shops are unique in Hungary in terms of how vast and diverse our clientele is. That is because our suits are affordable for those who want are looking for their first suit, and at the same time, sophisticated gentlemen who already have dozens of suits hanging in their wardrobes are also pleased with our service.

Since we serve everyone with the same thoroughness and care, that results in our customers’ outstanding satisfaction. We deeply believe that every man needs a perfectly tailored suit and our mission is to get involved!

How is a suit made?

It takes many steps to ensure you are delighted with your suit.

First of all, we need to understand your expectations and the style you are looking for, which needs to be matched with your unique physique and customised appropriately. We are happy to offer advice and show you several examples. The goal is to make you satisfied and also feel comfortable in your new suit. Your taste and pick of fabric can both play an effect on appropriate technology.

The wise material choice is crucial, and we are happy to guide you in finding the fabric that meets your expectations. It is also not unusual that our customers show a picture of the suit they imagine and we find the same material. We can do that because the number of quality cloth manufacturers is minimal and most of them are available in our tailor shops. Obviously, we also have an eye for that.

After picking the cloth, a very accurate sizing follows, as we will work on that suit structure.

At first, we construct the canvas of your suit that you are going to try on. Based on the modification needs we continue working on the jacket and pants.

At the second try-on we have a suit close to completion, but still not yet finished in many details. Here, small corrections are necessary. Following these tiny alignments, your new suit will fit comfortably and look sharp at the same time.

As a final step, the extras like hand-stitching are made.

You might think that your suit is ready when we hand it to you, but not necessarily. After wearing it a couple of times, you might find that some minor adjustments are necessary and we are happy to do that for you if you feel so. That might happen because suits are slightly adjusting while wearing.


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