Mr Gangel made me a classic, full canvas suit. I am entirely delighted with the result; I will return in the future! Daniel Gajzer

For the past year and a half, Mr Gange has made about ten suits for me. These include a couple of strictly business-style pieces for robotic workdays, some lighter poems for Friday afternoons and a couple of really cheerful ones for summer, only to look fresh at weekend events. Whatever kind of eccentric requirement or any extreme idea I had with my work so far, Benjamin always had the most courteous and professional access to it. Like a good tailor and a sincere person, he was an example of being deceived by things that, according to his experience, would not pass me. Perhaps this is the most important thing because for me this is the expression that He is not only a perfect tailor but also an authentic craftsman whom long-term satisfaction of his clients is the most important. Yeah and where else do they give you a lifetime warranty?! Tibor Kovács

Excellent tailors, where modern and classic values ​​reinforce each other. Trained and skilled professionals help you make the right decision, and the execution is always of the highest quality. I’m happy to wear each of their tailor-made suits and coats. Accordingly, I can only recommend Benjamin and his tailors! Viktor Rébay

I found the tailors on the internet, and the ones on the site were already sympathetic. But when I met Benjamin Gangel personally, I felt that I was in professional and expert hands. Full attention to my needs and expectations. Friendly helpful personality coupled with maximum professionalism and the result: this is THE suit. I’ve ordered it for the wedding, but from now on my business suits will also only be made with Mr Gangel. Unparalleled compared to ready-made. I’ve had a fair share of Boss and Armani suits, which I was proud to wear, but when Mr Gangel puts this masterpiece on you it gives you comfort and hold; it’s fantastic to wear. He is worth every penny. I would also like to thank Benjamin Gangel for his excellent work and service, which unfortunately is hard to find these daysWhoever wants a high-quality suit that is comfortable and looks perfect should meet Mr Gangel! I can only recommend him! Krisztián Nemes

I visited Gangel Benjamin’s tailor shop first twelve years ago on the recommendation of my friends. Since then, he has made many suits, jackets and pants for me, to my highest satisfaction. Being aware of the latest fashion requirements, he is also willing to fulfil “conservative” wishes. The fabrics he offers are of high quality, and have a wide range, to satisfy the most demanding needs. In addition to his professional knowledge, his moderation and modesty also contribute to his excellent relationship with his clients. I can recommend it to those who love demanding clothing with a good heart. Károly Bayer

I’ve been looking for a “real” tailor shop in Pécs for a while. Even though I have ordered suits in several shops, nowhere I got the “old-time” professional attitude that my grandparents told me about. I believe that there are no coincidences, so when I really needed it, I found at Ferencesek Street what I was looking for. The atmosphere, the attention, the expertise and that extra that isn’t taught at school but what you can get from a truly dedicated person should he deal with anything. You can either believe me or even better give yourself a try and visit Benjamin Gangel’s Tailor Shop. Tamás Vétek

My brother told me about Benjamin; he made a wedding topcoat and a unique cotton shirt for him. Later, I saw a beautiful suit on one of my banker friends, which turned out to came from the Gangel workshop. When I met him, I immediately decided to order a suit myself. A beautiful selection of materials, demanding work, which isn’t significantly more expensive than an average made-to-measure piece and of course a very sympathetic person! The result was just what I wanted. Elegant, sporty and unique. Péter Fehér

I was a groom before the wedding. For this occasion, I would have liked to have a unique, exceptional suit tailored to me that is entirely different from what I have been wearing before. I was even willing to go to Budapest, thinking that I’d find myself a tailor who would make me a tailor-made piece. I was wrong; I couldn’t find anyone and time were running out. I started to think that even if I had found someone just a couple of weeks before the wedding, he would not accept due to the tight deadline.

And then, my partner found Benjamin entirely by accident. We were delighted to meet him as soon as possible. At first, my impression was that he is a sympathetic young man loving his job and who understood what he was doing. Then it turned out that this was not only the first impression, but Benjamin is indeed a white raven who enjoys what he does and is more than competent at it.

But the suit. Of course, Benjamin undertook to make the desired piece for me, which of course, brought the usual matters: size, material selection, probes, button colour, lining colour, ecetera. Since my dimensions are given and I have already found a partner who accepts those, the most important thing was the material of my ready-made suit. All of this in a very tight schedule before the bride might change her mind.

Fortunately, Benjamin had a lot of material samples, but I wanted a something particular, an Irish woollen fabric only known by a few. Benjamin not only knew what I was talking about, but he had that unique fabric the following week, and then I could go to my first try-on. At last every puzzle was getting to its place. I have to comment here: Benjamin did not put any profit on the material; his price was my price. He even showed me the invoice he had received, and I had to pay only that. It was more than a pleasant surprise. We just had a few try-ons left. In the end, he managed to finish my suit in time and in that high-class manner with full attention to me and my requests.

What I got – besides that Benjamin was available any time, was attentive, worked precisely and finished before deadline – is a gorgeous, comfortable, unique and special groom suit that I’ll be proud to show to my future children, because I was fully satisfied with both the tailoring process and the time spent in it.

Comfortable and easy to wear. Benjamin said had I grown a tummy, I could bring back any time, and he’ll loosen it as long as it’s possible. Thanks a lot! Dávid Bozó

During the development of the museum pedagogical infrastructure of the Janus Pannonius Museum’s Historical Department, we decided to make a 33 the turn-of-the-century (19-20th century) clothing. We asked Benjamin Gangel to create the clothes, whom we knew only from his advertisement in front of his Ferencesek street Tailor Shop in Pécs. The working relationship between us was fair and direct. Benjamin helped us much more than just dressmaking: he was involved in finding old patterns, purchasing accessories.

What he undertook, he performed in time, in impeccable quality. Our cooperation has not ceased since then; if we have any questions about clothes, he is always happy to help. Our dresses are very popular during the “Night of Museums” event, and even several institutions have rented some pieces from us. Having seen our costume copies, colleagues from other museums have also ordered a few replicas from Benjamin. Andrea Pásztor

I was delighted with the dress made by Benjamin. Benjamin considered my needs but did not break the style of the dress. High-quality, accurate work, worth the price. G.K.

I qualify myself a man of high standards, so I didn’t want to go below-average on my wedding day as well. Following my friend’s recommendation, I took a look at Benjamin’s website. Based on what I read on the site, I knew immediately that the term “personalised quality” preceded everything. If you take on a piece of clothing made with professional dedication and expertise, you will feel that it is moving with you, nowhere uncomfortable and complementary. The ready-made suit satisfies all expectations to the fullest, so in the light of what I have experienced, I recommend Benjamin Gangel’s tailor shop. Tamás Fröhlich

My husband looked fantastic in his suit on our big day. He felt perfect in it and found it comfortable regardless of the 30-degree evening warmth. We need to thank Benjamin for his flexibility and dedicated work! Éva Rigó

I found Gangel’s tailor shop by a simple web search. I wanted to know what options a man has in front of his wedding if he wants to order a suit for himself. What first grabbed my attention was the site’s clean design and honest, well-described services and their prices. I had the opportunity to experience this honesty and correctness during our meetings. I had concrete ideas about the type of suit and the small details, and Mr Gangel had the knowledge and experience to fulfil my requests. To my surprise, the material of the suit was the hardest to choose because there were a lot of fabrics, that I wouldn’t have thought of. The suit has been great ever since. It is hard to put in words the confidence boost and satisfaction that a well-chosen and personalised suit can offer. Róbert Agatics

I was in a big dilemma when we decided with my partner to hold a wedding. We started organising, and then the biggest challenge for me was finding a cloth for myself. I have been researching for a long time and started to try some luck in some salons. The dress I picked was pretty cool, but in every salon, they only had a single sample material, and I thought it would be quite a gamble to order and pay a complete set to find out later this is not for me. Then came the idea that I should look for a tailor whom I found at Pécs, a city I love. I had found Benjamin’s website, where both his references and the pictures were very convincing, so after a phone call, I met him. Already at the first meeting, I realised that this would be the perfect place for me to order my piece. With professional attitudes, expertise, and the right tools and materials, I could try my tuxedo after two weeks. A few try-ons were necessary since my body changed due to heavy workout, but in the end, I could take a perfect set two weeks before the wedding. Benjamin is a patient, correct tailor, and I thank him for this. I’m sure if I needed any dressing, I would choose him without thinking. Anyone who values quality work should contact him; you won’t be disappointed. Gábor Kajos

As we started planning the big day and talked about the groom’s mockery, I knew I didn’t want either an evening coat or a traditional wedding suit. I wanted a “checkered suit” that I could wear later, and since my fiancee liked the idea we went through some stores, but soon it became clear that the stores were unprepared for us, so we started searching for tailors on the internet. We found Benjamin’s tailor shop quite fast. The website, along with a handful of useful tips, revealed that while Benjamin is running his business in Pécs, he comes to Budapest once a month to take orders, check sizes, and to hand over the finished pieces to clients.

At our first meeting, we picked the plaid material – a staggering amount of options – that I liked. Then Benjamin took off my dimensions, and we discussed all the details of the tailor-made shirt, trousers and jacket, including the cut, buttons, pockets to the slit on the back of the jacket.

At our second meeting, I could already try the upper part of the suit that was reminiscent of a jacket and fairly finished pants. There the final alignments were marked on the workpieces. Later at our last meeting, Benjamin was waiting for us a with my made-to-measure suit, shirt, and a bow tie he created as a gift. Tamás Kovács

Benjamin created both mine and my father’s suit for my wedding last year, with the utmost standard of professionalism and attitude. I found myself in the hands of a true craftsman who will be my first choice if I want to make a suit or shirt. His quality work speaks for itself since many of my friends and acquaintances have since asked for Benjamin’s contact. Mátyás Lencsér

Precise, beautiful and my most comfortable suit. I met Benjamin both in Budapest and Pécs, where we discussed my needs and picked the cloth from a lot of materials with little help. Due to the upcoming of my wedding, we agreed on a very tight deadline, but it was without problems. I was sure I didn’t have to worry about my suit. We met several times and tried it as this exceptional suit was born. The material is top quality, and its cutting is modern and feels like a second skin. Maybe that’s why it is my most popular piece in the wardrobe. Thank you very much, Benjamin! Zoltán Terebessy


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