Look perfect in your made-to-measure suit!

What are you going to wear on your Fresher’s Ball?
The Fresher’s Ball is the first elegant occasion of the semester and your student life, that you’ll probably remember for a long time. Are you going to look damn cool or just average? Well, our advice is to make a great first impression. Look perfect and get all the credit.

As a grown up man it’s just time you get your first tailor-made suit or tuxedo that will just give you the perfect look you deserve!

Why do you need a made-to-measure suit?

  1. Gives you an impeccable look. You are not only going to look good, you will look great in a suit that’s been made especially for you. Believe us, a perfect look always leaves a mark. Ladies remember that…
  2. You could have a unique look! The exact color, fabric, style, cut that you want. But if you have no idea what could suit you best, we are happy to help.
  3. Comfortable. Some don’t like wearing suits while they are uncomfortable. Well, no clothes is comfortable which doesn’t fit you perfectly. But while stores offer a large variety of options from jeans (from skinny to loose fit), that’s not the case with suits, where there are much fewer options due to their relatively higher price. Actually it’s very unlikely that you’ll find the perfect ready-made suit which is comfortable. On the other hand a made-to-measure suit is comfortable, because it fits you perfectly. You can even dance in it.
  4. A good suit is a must! Honestly, you’ll need a proper suit sooner or later. You need to wear suit for oral exams, elegant occasions. The question is, what sort of suit are you going to wear. One that you like and gives confidence or something less so.
  5. Doesn’t cost more! A proper ready-made suit ain’t cheap either, but a made-to-measure gives that little edge that makes the difference.
  6. Extensible! While a ready-made suit is usually not extensible (or just slightly), a made-to-measure one is. That means you can modify it should your size or fashion change.

What’s next?

Get an appointment by filling the form below. We’ll help you find the perfect fit and fabric. Choose from hundreds of fabrics to find the ideal one.

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