Why choose a made-to-measure suit?

Briefly, because it’s stylish, very comfortable and worth the money! The obvious reason is – simply put – ready-to-wear suits just don’t fit perfectly since they aren’t tailored to your body. And none has a body (not even David Gandy) who fits perfectly for a ready-made suit. The good news is, the difference between a custom-made and a ready to wear one is not necessarily in the price tag, but in the quality and comfort.

What’s wrong with ready to wear suits?

Perfectly-built men do not exist – none of us is completely symmetrical, the proportions are not the same in the body parts. When designing a garment these different proportions can not be considered as they are made to fit the most men, in each confection size. This is logical and is fine. Abroad, the garment pieces are custom fit size – often with a tailor in-store. In Hungary, this is limited to sewing up the length of the trousers – which normally is the tiniest task. Often there is a shortage of suitable sizes and shop-assistants’ preparedness does not reach the desired level and more often they are not sufficiently helpful. Buying wrong sizes occurs regularly since there’s a lack of sizes, and even shop-assistants make men buy the wrong size, which leads to men feeling uncomfortable wearing them. The majority of Hungarian men wear suits at least one size bigger than their real fit.

What is the difference?

Not only stylish but comfortable as well. An entirely different category. In addition, when you choose a made-to-measure suit your options are not limited as with the ready-made models. Fabric, cut and any unique requests could be done exactly as you wish without any compromise.

What more elegant?

While the ready-made clothes highlight our incorrections, made-to-measure ones cover those. Every single detail could be adapted to your shape not just fitting perfectly but getting the best out of your shape. It can even make you look a few years younger and a few pounds slimmer.

Are these also more comfortable?

Yes, because it is created to fit you and you alone. A proper suit should be comfortable, so if you are uncomfortable in your current suit you know what that means…

Does it cost more?

Not necessarily. A custom-made suit is not more expensive than its ready-made competitors. Indeed, comparing 2 suits from the same fabric, the made-to-measure might even be the less expensive option. How is that possible? For a very simple reason: at the case of custom-made suits you pay for two things: the fabric and tailor’s work. On the other hand, a ready-made suit has a long list of elements that should be paid for, including the cost of the fabric, delivery and cost of storage (often from another continent), the wholesaler’s margin, rental business fee, the seller wages and countless other items. This is why you could have a much higher quality product for less. A suit that you’ll actually love wearing.

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